Multidimensional polychromy

beyond the cosmos

Artistic reference of Ecuador and the world

Born in Quito in 1939, Voroshilov Bazante, an Ecuadorian-Canadian painter, embarked on his fascinating artistic journey from an early age. Initially self-taught, he later earned a Master of Arts degree from the University of Quebec, Canada. Over decades, he has explored the world through travels and various stays, actively engaging in enriching creative dialogues with various art movements. His talent has been recognized with numerous mentions, diplomas, and awards, and his works have been widely exhibited around the globe. Currently, he resides on the outskirts of Quito, where he finds constant inspiration in his home studio, keeping the artistic flame alive that propels the continuity of his legacy.

“I do not aspire to transcend personally; rather, my ambition is for the work to transcend. That is the responsibility of the artist.”

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